Davidoff Signature Toro & 6000 Review

By Mariana Heredia | June 10, 2022
Davidoff Signature Toro & 6000 Review Davidoff-Signature-Toro-&-6000-Review-Feature-image-350 × 350

If you’re looking for high-quality, refined cigars that will impress you with their taste and design, then the Davidoff Signature Toro and Davidoff Signature 6000 are very good options. Both of these are widely known for their great attention to detail and quality. Read this Davidoff Signature Toro and 6000 review to learn why they’re a must-have.

Davidoff Signature Toro & 6000 Review

Design and Style

During our Davidoff Signature Toro review experience, we were very impressed with how traditional the Toro cigar looks. The same thing can be said about the Davidoff Signature 6000 review. Both of these bring in great tobacco from the Dominican Republic, they use an Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper and a hybrid binder to really make the process authentic. Something like that really says a lot about the quality and true value of these products.

Flavor and Taste

During our Davidoff Signature 6000 review and also during the Toro review we were impressed with the toasted hay, dry and also light mustiness. The retro-hale is adding in that traditional element, and it also has a musty, creamy hay too. Based on our Davidoff Signature Toro review and 6000 review, we think that the flavor profile is very impressive. 

This cigar has very good construction, and the fact that it has a toasted hay flavor profile, in the beginning, is very good. It does transfer to toasted wood, with all the creaminess and mustiness you expect. Then you have some bitterness at the end. It’s not overly imposing, but it does provide that refined, unique, and exciting experience you want from something like this.

Davidoff Signature Toro and 6000 Price Range

The Davidoff Signature 6000 pricing is around $25 for a single cigar, $85 for a pack of 5 and a box of 25 can go up to $550. A similar thing happens for the Toro model – you have a $20 price for a cigar, around $80 for a pack of 5, and the box can go up to $500 if you want 25 of them. This is a refined product, it’s high quality, so the price is definitely justified here.

If you’re looking for a very high-quality cigar that has an incredible flavor and a distinctive look, then the Davidoff Signature 6000 and the Davidoff Signature Toro are great choices. If you’re interested in the Davidoff Signature 6000 or the Davidoff Signature Toro, Cigar Country is here to help. We sell authentic Davidoff Signature cigars that come directly from the Dominican Republic at a very good price, and you don’t have to worry about sales tax either. Give us a try today!

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