Davidoff Signature 2000 Review & Prices

By Mariana Heredia | June 9, 2022
Davidoff Signature 2000 Review & Prices Davidoff-Signature-2000-Review-&-Prices-Feature-image-350 × 350

If you’re looking for a refined, exquisite cigar, the Davidoff Signature 2000 is one of the top options at the best price on the market right now. What you will notice in this Davidoff Signature 2000 cigar review is the fact that this is a company that is very conservative, and traditional, and its product is no exception. It offers the perfect combination of ingredients and craftsmanship, which delivers something truly spectacular. Signature is a blend definitely worth trying!

Davidoff Signature 2000 Review & Prices

Design and Style

Right off the bat, the Davidoff Signature 2000 review is very positive, since the cigar is not only visually imposing but truly immersive. We like its style and quality, but also the fact that it maintains the traditional aspect. The Davidoff Signature 2000 is a Corona that looks and feels like a cigar from the 50s and 60s, which is a great thing. Yet at the same time, you also have that great modern element and construction. 

Smoke and Flavor

Maybe the best thing we noticed during the Davidoff 2000 review is the overall smoke and aroma. The Davidoff Signature 2000 has a great aroma that seamlessly combines Costa Rican coffee with dry leaves and walnuts. You get white pepper and hay flavors, not to mention it retains a very sharp burn. Cigar aficionados will like the retrohale, a floral twang that gives a retro feel and a distinctive cigar-smoking experience.

You’ll also notice that the spice is picking up with the heat, but it dissipates rather quickly. So even if it does get spicey a little bit, it will wear off, which is always a good sign. For a lot of people, the Davidoff Signature 2000 review will be very positive towards the end, since that’s when the flavor intensity is really high. The ash ends up white, and there are no relights, which is nice.

Davidoff Signature 2000 Price Range

Generally, the Davidoff Signature 2000 price will vary based on where you get it. We expect a single Davidoff Signature 2000 cigar to be anywhere from $18 to $25, they have a pack of 5 at around $80 and a box of 25 for a little over $400. So, there are definitely multiple options, and you can start with a pack to see how you like it.

If you enjoy the Davidoff Signature 2000 review, we recommend you give this cigar a try right away. Cigar Country is here to bring you the best Davidoff Signature 2000 directly from the Dominican Republic at the best prices on the market, so don’t hesitate and give it a shot!

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