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Davidoff Around the World: Ridgewood, New Jersey

By Mariana Heredia
Davidoff Around the World: Ridgewood, New Jersey

If you are looking for an amazing cigar/ cigarette experience and a world-class place to enjoy yourself with your cigar-loving friends, then the Davidoff lounge is the place for you – located in Ridgewood, NJ, Davidoff contains a myriad of fun activities and exclusive perks for cigars and cigarette lovers.

Davidoff Lounge in Ridgewood, NJ

If you want to make meaningful memories with your friends, then the Davidoff lounge in Ridgewood, NJ will prove to be the best and most comforting time with all the stuff needed for your celebration. Members can also enjoy exclusive perks, such as custom leather smoking chairs, monthly cigar credits, and access to a luxurious fireplace.

At this exclusive Ridgewood, NJ lounge, exceptional staff at Davidoff will personally guide you into the world of cigars and cigarettes. Each hand-picked member of the team will ensure your experience is unique and enjoyable. They strive to aid the customers with their impeccable knowledge of cigars. The phenomenal staff will not steer you in the incorrect direction, should you not be a cigar aficionado. Customers will be able to enjoy excellent service at the bar and the humidors as well. Anyone and everyone are in excellent hands at Davidoff.

Visit the Davidoff lounge in Ridgewood, NJ today!

Cigar Recommendations

  • A highly recommended cigar is the Davidoff Yamasa. It took Davidoff 20 years to present you with this phenomenal beast. The filler is Nicaraguan tobacco from Gonzaga and Esteli and then Dominican Piloto and Mahalo tobacco. 
  • Davidoff’s master blenders have used the volcanic soil of Nicaragua to produce bittersweet perfection. That is the Davidoff Nicaragua. This original Nicaragua Toro consists of a Habano Rosaro Nicaraguan wrapper, Nicaragua Habano Jalapa binder and Nicaraguan fillers. This is a premium cigar worthy of the name Davidoff.
  • The last one is Davidoff Primeros, and it would be a wonderful addition to your collection. Its wrapper is really something special. The master blender of Davidoff, Henke, took a plot of land in the Dominican Republic which was not fit for Tobacco at that time. Henke worked extensively on this land, changing its Ph and ensuring it had the perfect conditions for farming, and transformed it into a world-class property where Davidoff wrappers are grown. It’s something special that you would love to experience. 

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