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Cigars 101: Beer and Cigars

By Mariana Heredia
Cigars 101: Beer and Cigars

Whiskey isn’t the only companion to cigars, in fact, beers and cigars are like a match made in heaven. However, finding the ideal combination can be complicated due to the variety of aromas, flavors, and nuance in booth. This complete guide will help you discover the perfect combination for both and enjoy this heavenly match. Keep in mind that beer and cigar pairing is a sensory experience, what you like might not work for others. Here are the best ways to pair beer with cigars.

Types of Beers

If you are interested in light beers such as American Lagers or lighter craft German Pilsners they can be easily coupled with mellow cigars. This unique combination offers a nice smooth flavor profile with a hint of citric and vanilla notes.

On the other hand, Saison beers have their special way of making cigars stand out. This light, sour and fruity beer is ideally paired with a mellow to medium cigar yet fruity and flavorful at the same time. Without a doubt, the contrast between each will be suitable and create an explosion of flavors.

Porters and stouts are are a bit different when it comes to pairing them with cigars. If you have a chocolate or oatmeal stout, a smooth aroma vanilla cigar might be the perfect match for you. Contrary to the dark roasted barley and malt flavors found in these dark ales would benefit from an earthy and spicy cigars. There’s no better pairing than a cigar with one of these dark beers.

Overall, the best way to pair cigars and beers is to experiment the wide variety of flavors both have to offer, at the end of the day it’s like a Russian roullette.

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