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Handmade in the Dominican Republic, VegaFina cigars have quickly become a global bestseller. With no frills, and no gimmicks, VegaFina is simply a fine cigar brand and a delight to smoke! These extraordinarily consistent yet affordable cigars have become one of the most sought-after cigars in Europe. Now you can enjoy these cigars without a passport. Handcrafted at the famous Tabacalera de Garcia factory, VegaFina cigars boast the finest aged long leaf tobaccos, flawless contruction and a wide range of blends to suit the most descerning of palates. Presented in modern and sleek packaging, VegaFina demonstrates that less is more. The Classic line is an everday-anytime time cigar for beginners and prolific smokers as well. If you are a seasoned smoker you might want to try specialty blends like the 1998 line and the Cigar Country Dominican Exclusive.

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