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Macanudo is the cigar that needs no introduction. The iconic brand has been noted for its quality and consistency, the hallmarks that have earned Macanudo its lofty position as America's best-selling premium cigar. Individually handcrafted, Macanudo offers lines for every taste, from the classic to the full bodied and complex blend. When it comes to consistently subtle and pleasant offerings with exceptional pricing, Macanudo just fits the bill. Originally from the island of Jamaica, Macanudo Cigars moved to the Dominican Republic where it flourished into the brand we know and love. Today, General Cigar Co. is one of the most renowned names in the cigar industry – and it all started with the innovative handmade Macanudo cigars. Taste the consistency and smoothness of a Macanudo and inmediately you will know why it’s one of the best handmade cigars available today.

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