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La Aurora Cigars

Founded in 1903, La Aurora Cigars was the first-ever premium cigar brand crafted in the Dominican Republic. Today, more than 115 years later, LA has a strong presence on the five continents and more than a thousand employees. This landmark operation produces some of the finest smokes on the planet, offered in several wonderful mild to fuller-bodied blends that have joined ranks with their classic Connecticut-wrapped cigar. Whatever your fancy may be, LA Cigars is sure to offer the perfect blend for your taste. If you are looking to buy La Aurora aged cigars for sale at the best prices, look no further. Cigar Country offers you the best cigars direct from DR.

La Aurora is a large modern company with a diversified offer, great prestige, and presence in all world markets. Its growth has been continuous and sustainable since it was founded in 1903. However, since its foundation by Eduardo León Jimenes until today, led by his grandson, Guillermo León Herbert, LA's values are those of a family business: honesty, integrity, and passion for excellence. La Aurora aged cigars are for sale here, factory direct and fresh at Cigar Country.

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Please narrow your search by using our filtered options. If you are looking to buy great medium-bodied La Aurora cigars, you might want to try the popular Original Blend in Cameroon or Connecticut wrappers. Perhaps you'd like to try the only tubed Perfectos in the world, choose Preferidos No. 2. Still not sure what you are looking for and want to try out an assortment of blends? Then go to Samplers to try a variety. To return to the homepage, click here.

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