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[BRAND NAME/FOCUS KEYPHRASE] Cigars is a luxurious brand based in Basel, Switzerland with decades of craftsmanship embedded into each cigar. Their tobacco plants grow in the most optimal conditions in the Dominican Republic - the ideal temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, fertile soil, and the perfect combination of sun and rain. Davidoff commits to only using the highest quality tobacco leaves - only 1 out of every ten plant seeds are good enough for a Davidoff cigar! In addition, they tend to harvest three main types of tobacco leaves: Olor Dominicano, Piloto Cubano, and a Cuban-strain San Vicente. Cigar artisans then hand-roll each cigar to perfection. As Davidoff of Genevas's master blenders stated, the blending of tobacco is an art. [CALL TO ACTION] Zino Davidoff created this spectacular brand and carried out the production of cigars in Cuba until 1990. Then, production moved to the Dominican Republic under the supervision of master blender Hendrik "Henke" Kelner. Some of Davidoff of Geneva's core blends are Signature, Grand Cru, Aniversario, and Millennium. These blends also receive the name of "White Label" due to the white bands on each cigar. The brand then expanded to fuller-bodied blends in 2013, increasing its array of top-rated blends with Davidoff Nicaragua, Escurio, and Yamasa. Indeed, each blend and cigar must be approved by expert sommeliers at the Davidoff headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. [CALL TO ACTION] Too many choices? Please narrow your search by using our filtered options. If you are looking to buy great mild to medium-body blends, you should try Davidoff Grand Cru, Signature, Winston Churchill, and Aniversario. For a medium to full-body taste, you should try Nicaragua, Millennium, and Escurio. Finally, for a stronger, full-body smoke, you should try the Winston Churchill Late Hour, Yamasa, and Nicaragua Box Pressed blend. For short smokes, try the Primeros and Minis! For unique, limited edition blends, try Davidoff Limited Edition. [INCLUDE ALL BLENDS AND HYPERLINK THEM TO BLEND PAGES] Must link to every blend and 2-3 best-selling/most famous products.  JUSTIFY TEXT

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