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Brand Deep Dive: Who Makes Ashton Cigars?

By Jesmin Botello
Brand Deep Dive: Who Makes Ashton Cigars?

There are numerous questions regarding Ashton Cigars. Where are Ashton cigars made? Who makes Ashton cigars? Are Ashton cigars good? How did Ashton cigars get its name? Where can I buy Ashton cigars? Cigar Country has answers for you.

Where are they made?

Handcrafted in Santiago, Dominican Republic, by the renowned Tabacalera A. Fuente. Owner Robert Levin has mastered the art of creating a cigar perfect for any time of day and pairable with coffee as well as aged rum. Originally made in Tobaccos Dominicanos (the same factory that made Davidoff) for the first two or three years of its founding. Shortly thereafter, Levin partnered with the Fuente family to produce the brand due to their amazing talent and passion for premium tobaccos.

Knowing Fuente his whole life. When they started in the Dominican Republic in 1980, they were building up their factory. Levin and Carlos Fuente Jr. reinvented Ashton in 1989. They worked on the blend and got it to where they both thought it was a great stogie. The brand started to really take off once the Fuente started making it. Ashton Cigars’ portfolio includes the original Ashton Classic, Ashton Aged Maduro, Ashton VSG, the ever-popular samplers, and more. Offering a diverse range of strengths and blends.

Currently, Ashton is a father-and-son operation headed by Robert Levin and his son, Sathya Levin. They preserve and build on the company’s extensive reputation for creating premium cigars of superior quality and lasting prestige. An ambition shared equally between the Levin and Fuente families to produce the finest cigars is the foundation of a significant mutual partnership. The reviews and ratings are always raving about them. Sold in over 60 countries, it has been a “Top 3” brand in the U.S. for more than thirty years.

How did Ashton cigars get name?

‘A friend of mine was importing and distributing Ashton pipes, so when I was searching for a name, he suggested that I use Ashton. And I didn’t have a better name’, said Levin in an interview with David Savona for Cigar Aficionado in 2003.

Where to buy Ashton cigars?

You can easily find these remarkable smokes at Cigar Country. Ranging in prices from US$50.67 for a 5 cigar sampler to US$318.60 for a box of 24. You’ll find a wide array of Ashton cigars here. Only the finest aged tobaccos are used to handmake these Puros, in a legendary benchmark of a mild Dominican taste. Widely praised by smokers as one of the world’s finest premium brands.

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